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If you are or have been one of our clients we'd love to hear your feedback on the benefits you've experienced. Please feel free to leave your Lipo Laser reviews below.

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ID: 25

With only a month or so left I had to fit into a very slim fitting Wedding Suit to walk my daughter down the aisle. Some panic googling led me to Becky's website and I'm really happy I signed up for the treatment. What looked impossible became possible and it fitted easily on the day, considering I couldn't even get it on only a few weeks prior. Becky was very understanding and I enjoyed the comfortable, painless treatment and the chats. Highly recommended.


ID: 24

I cannot recommend Becky highly enough. I have just finished 4 sessions and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. You need to combine the treatments with exercise and healthy eating to fully maximise the results. Becky is very knowledgeable and has lots of little hints and tips to assist you with your journey. Thank you so much for everything Becky. I will definitely be back for some maintenance sessions. xx


ID: 23

Becky is such a lovely lady. She’s very supportive and understanding if areas you’d like to improve. The treatment doesn’t hurt and is actually very comforting. I had before and after photos which I’d recommend so you can personally see the results. Will deffo be going back if u need to in the future☺️


ID: 22

I would highly recommend Laser Lipo with Becky. Becky was truly amazing amd completely understanding of my problem area. Becky talked me through everything and was always positive and supportive. The treatment is not at all invasive and you can see results very quickly. I was given the option to have before and after photos, which I would definitely recommend anyone to do, you will see more of a result in a photo! I felt comforted by Beckys professionalism, supplying hand gel before treatment and always both wearing a mask, her treatment room is very relaxing and she has a very high level of cleanliness. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed our chats throughout my sessions. Thank you so much 💗 xx


ID: 21

I have recently completed 8 sessions with Becky and I am over the moon with my results. Becky is so friendly and puts you at ease. She is very knowledgeable. I can’t believe the difference in my shape from pics at my first session to pics of session 8. I got myself into good eating habits and ensure I was walking over 10,000 steps daily a couple weeks before I started. I have to say I’ve lost 1stone in just under 7 weeks and I feel amazing. I can’t recommend becky enough. Finally saying goodbye to my menopause bloated belly and love handles❤️🤣


ID: 20

I have just completed 10 sessions of treatment on my tummy area and have noticed results already. By loss of inches/waistline changes, a difference in how my tummy feels (softer internally) and some clothes which were tighter are now looser- wow thanks Becky/Laser. Becky has also introduced me to body brushing, which I have now begun to do and she is very knowledgable in promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for your body. Becky makes me feel 100% relaxed by the decor of the room, her warm welcoming, caring and professional manner.

I highly recommend a visit to Becky, go and experience this for yourself. I'm back next year for more and I can wait. Thank you Becky


ID: 19

Absolutely loved going to see Becky, she is so friendly and really puts you at ease. You come away feeling great and completely pain free, if anything it gave me some downtime to relax. Definitely have to put the work in with good eating habits and exercise but it’s really makes a difference, I was impressed after only 4 sessions. Would definitely recommended. Thank you Becky x


ID: 18

I am currently taking a career break & took the opportunity to have a course of Laser Lypolysis with Becky.

She has an engaging personality & is very accommodating with appointments. I looked forward to the treatment sessions. Becky displayed an excellent understanding of how to achieve the best results & what I needed to do to support this, which was much appreciated.

The results have been excellent. Having not worn businesswear for a few weeks, I had a lovely surprise. One of my work skirts used to fit snuggly, but now there is a substantial gap!!

Many thanks Becky!


ID: 17

I first went in the summer, way too big around the middle!! After a series of sessions everything is back to what it was nearly 20 years ago. I would recommend this but also listen to the advice Becky gives you in other areas to assist you. Becky is a natural and the sessions speed by. The inches lost around the middle has got me back on my push bike!! win win


ID: 16

I have just finished 5 sessions which I had on my legs, I’m off on my holiday soon and absolutely hate my legs so i booked a consultation with Becky to see if she could help, and indeed she did , the treatment was very relaxing and Becky makes you feel at ease .i am really pleased with the results and I can now go on my holiday with a lot more confidence. Thank you so much Becky.


ID: 15

Now I've had my initial treatment and that went well. I'm looking forward to my next session. I have my kindle and the treatment flies by. I have noticed a difference and Becky makes you feel very comfortable. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


ID: 14

I walked out of laser lipo today with my chin halfed and my trousers more comfortable to fit in I can’t wait to go home and put on my nice jeans and they fit :-) thank you for the laser lipo and the lovely chats to make me feel more comfortable and relaxed and more importantly I feel lighter and more comfortable in my own skin


ID: 13

I was really down about my body and I had looked into lots of different treatments etc I found Becky and her treatment in google results went along for my first consultation and immediately felt at ease and also confident that it would and could work I initially had my thighs done then my stomach and just recently finished another lot of sessions on my thighs I can honestly say this really does work and you will get the results aslong as you follow Becky's advice before and after the treatment ladies if your reading this then you have to go and see Becky try it nothing ventured nothing gained.


ID: 12

This treatment has been absolutely amazing for me. After an accident leaving me I unable to exercise properly and having to take medication for the last 10 years my weight rose by 2 stone. I found Becky to be completely professional and she has provided info on her product, exercise, diet and skin care. It has changed my life I have dropped 19 pounds lost 3 inches on each thigh and I am now having lipo on my tummy area. I was a heavy tea and coffee drinker and have reduced my intake from 15 to 4 cups a day too. It's an amazing product try it!!


ID: 11

Just completed 8 sessions of laser lipo on my stomach and thighs and I am definitely noticing the difference. Becky is a really nice lady who put me at ease from the initial consultation, she made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She also gave me advice and tips on how to help improve my skin tone and the body brush is something I will definitely not be getting rid of any time soon! I had to rearrange one of my sessions at short notice and Becky was happy to change the time and day to fit in with me. Thanks again Becky I will definitely be recommending you and laser lipo to friends and family.


ID: 10

Becky is a very nice person who is easy to talk to and l did not feel embarrassed in discussing my treatments, I have just completed 8 sessions of Lipo Laser on my hips and thighs, the treatment is very soothing, although l took no measurements my jeans are definitely loser and there is less dimpling of the skin. l swim as my exercise after Lipo Laser. More sessions are booked for after Easter.


ID: 9

I have always struggled with my thighs, I would describe them as chicken drumsticks the top bit is very meaty.. I used to try and run at least twice a week or use the gym at work, but when I left that job I sort of gave up on the exercise. I stumbled across this add on my Facebook page about Laser Lipo, I clicked the link and it took me onto Becky's page. I was very apprehensive when I booked my 6 sessions, but Becky put me at ease. Becky explained in great detail what the machine could do, all I had to do was lay back while the machine and Becky did all the hard work. The before and after photos were a real eye opener, the machine does work its incredible!! It has given me the kick I needed and now I'm back on the treadmill running ever other day. Thank you Becky your 'magic' machine has helped me get some confidence back at last.


ID: 8

I have had six sessions on my upper and lower abdomen. I am extremely pleased with the results. I have lost fat and the skin appears firmer. My skinny jeans have lost the muffin top feel. In the new year I am booking to have other areas done and I have been so impressed. Becky is lovely and the set up is very professional and relaxing. I would not hesitate to recommend her


ID: 7

I have just completed 8 sessions on my thighs with Becky. I have lost 1/4" and they have a general smoother outline. Becky is lovely. She makes you feel very comfortable and also gives you good advice on healthy lifestyle and how to maintain any improvements made. Definitely worth a visit.


ID: 6

I just finished 8 sessions on my thighs, and feel very happy with the results, both visible in the 'before and after' photos, but also how I look. Becky is a very professional and caring lady, I will surely be returning to maintain my thighs or improve another area. Thank you Becky !

Julie M

ID: 5

I have been lucky enough to have several sessions with Becky and Laser Lipo. Having tried several different methods of cellulite removal I was initially sceptical but Laser Lipo has proved me wrong! It really does work and I am very pleased with the results. Becky is very knowledgeable and professional but remains very friendly and caring. It was a pleasure to have Laser Lipo and to visit Becky in her home.I will be returning for more if and when necessary.

Karen M

ID: 4

I had 8 treatments on my thighs which I know are a difficult area to treat.

After the treatments my skin felt & looked visibly smoother and the tape measure showed an overall loss of two inches.

Thank you Becky & Laser Lipo :-)

Sharon green

ID: 3

I have been seeing Becky for a couple of months now and have to say she is warm friendly and very caring and determined to make the difference for you. I suffer from Lipodemia and even I have noticed a difference from using Lipo Laser. I would definitely recommend anyone try it. You will notice a difference.


Nigel Hayes

ID: 2

After only two treatments. I can see and feel the difference . The measurements are getting smaller  Thank you Becky and Laser Lipo.

Phil 'Harry' Worth

ID: 1

I have lost on each treatment 1/2 inch off my waistline and last night a whole 1 inch. In 5 sessions that is 3 inches and all in less than 2 weeks. Becky may also be my wife but think I have fallen in love, with a 'Laser Lipo'.

Becky England

ID: 0

After 2 treatments I have lost over an inch from around my waist! Am feeling happy with the results and my tummy is looking better :-))

Some FAQs...

What happens during a treatment?

Laser Liposuction Taunton Somerset

Following a consultation with Becky to discuss your goals, reasons for having the treatment and the areas where you want to lose the inches, you will be asked to lie down on a comfortable couch and relax. The laser pads will then be placed on the areas you want to target.  Depending  on the area treated a  session usually lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.  Clients are encouraged to do at least 30 minutes of  exercise within 24 hours after their treatment session to help maximise the benefits.

How many sessions will I need?

We offer sessions of 4, 6 or 8 ,  we recommend you have at least 2/3 sessions a week.  Maintenance treatments can be performed monthly after the full treatments have been completed or as determined by the client’s needs.

What areas can be treated?

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Double Chin
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